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  Software as a service (SaaS)

Chemoventory standard version is offered as SaaS. What is this means? We provide you web server, database server, hosting and chemoventory software installed just as in demo. The web space, database and files are dedicated for your service.

Major advantages for SaaS are:
1. No software or hardware are required
2. No installation of software (web server, PHP server, MySQLdatabase and chemoventory) required.
3. From the day one, you start using the system
4. 24X7 hosted for you and up 99.9% time.
5. Protected with normal system crashes with backup
6. No upfront purchase fee
7. If you do not like, you can discontinue any time
8. No IT knowledge is required

1. Instead of one time fee, subscription fee is needed.
2. May not be able to use your institute/company URL for chemoventory software
3. Data is not within your firewall or server.

How much is subscription?
1. $20/month or $200/year for 25 users or less
2. $25/month for$250/year 50 users or less
3. $30/month for $300/year 200 users or less
4. $50/month or $500/month for dedicated site and unlimted users.
6. Free plan is available for 5 users or less with limit to 250 items, one time payment of $25 is needed for setup.

What is assumed:
1. You manage your chemical and software data and configuration.
2. Data backup is still your responsibility (system crashes are covered). Various tools are provided for backup.
3. Qaurterly or annual payment is expected.
4. Terminate the contract any time you want.

1. Two weeks free trial period
2. 15% discount for yearly signup
3. Dedicated hosting is available for 500 users or up.
4. Purchase orders are accepted for yearly plan

What is expected from you?
1. After payment provide your institute logo size around 200x100
2. Point of contact address of your admin email address

What will be your URL address (for paid plan):

Please see the Aggrement