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What is Chemoventory?

Chemoventory is web based chemical inventory software.  


What are the requirements of chemoventory ?

You need

  1. Linux/Unix/Windows/Mac server or system.
  2. Web server Apache/IIS or any other compatible one
  3. PHP server
  4. MySql database
  5. Zend Optimizer
Are the above software comes with Chemoventory?  

No. But are available as free for download. Most under GPL are free to use.

What is Lite and standard version?  

Lite version $100 value is free, but has limited functionalites. Ideal for labs/company where less than 10 chemical users are there.

Standard version is full version, but there is nominal fee.

What features available in Lite version?  
  • Web based
  • Requires less expensive/ free web server and database
  • Can be installed in windows/Linux/Unix
  • Chemical entry
  • Chemical search by name,manufacturer, owner, location, room, building, division and date
  • Add user/owner
  • Delete chemical entry
  • Transfer chemical to another user
  • Chemical detail view Edit or add chemical properties
  • Search chemicals by CAS, chemical name, entry date etc
  • Update Quantity in hand
  • Available chemicals in all locations
What features available in Standard version?   

In addition to Lite version functionality the standard version have the following additional functionalities.

  • Secured login
  • Automatic registration and password management for registered users
  • Management of users
  • Management of units, containers, category
  • MSDS management
  • Bulk chemical upload
  • Unlimited level of user level controls and their functionality
  • Transfer of all chemicals from one user to another user
  • Reports chemicals, users, locations etc
  • Export of data
  • Barcode ready, can print barcode(C39 type) from chemical list. Other barcode type we support are C128A & C128B.
  • Compliance with FDA, 21 CFR part 11
  • Option to enter your own ID # instead of program to assign a chemical ID # -- not shown in the demo
  • Future version will have inventory checking module (will be distributed, when ready)
Is there any demo available?

Click on the link below:

Standard version online demo
user name "sysadmin" or "user1"
password "chemo" 

Lite version online demo
user name "sysadmin" or "user1"  

Why don't you give away free the standard version also?  

We need to maintain our web sites and We don't get any money for other activities. All of the service is free. So, we charge nominal fee.

What kind of support you provide?

All registered users (Lite and standard) will get free installation support through email, chat and forum. Phone support is available as premium service.

Where can I get Lite version?
 Lite version Download

How can I get standard version?

Visit and pay appropriate amount. Once your request is received, you will receive the software in 2 working days by email.

I have problem in the files received /downloaded/emailed/documentation.  

Please contact for all your problems/suggestions.


Is there any sales tax associated with purchase?

No Sales tax will be charged as long we deal with electronic delivery of software. Please refer to California Tax regulations regarding canned program. All software will be delivered by electronically.

Do you handle university purchase order?

We accepts university and US and Canadian government purchase orders.

How long it will take you to deliver the software?

As soon as we receive the payments or PO we will deliver within 2 business day

How do you handle outside US orders?

All software delivery is by email or download. Flexible payment methods are available. Pay by Paypal or google using credit cards or any US funds by wire transfer.

What is the relationship between chemolink and chemoventory?

Both are developed and run by one person.


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