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  Chemoventory Registered customers Lite/Standard/Developer - Partial List. No attempts has been made to correct the entries. Duplicate entries may be shown.If unauthorized use of your institution name, please let us know by email:
Institution City Country
La Clinica     United States  
1111     United States  
1234     United States  
3ecompany   Sanfransisco   United States  
3STAR     Indonesia  
79607615738   79607615738   Brazil  
A.C.I.S Forensic Pathology   North Bay   Canada  
A1 Laminates   Beltsville   United States   United States  
Aalborg Hospital     Denmark  
Aalborg Hospital   Aalborg   Denmark  
Aard Inst     United States  
Aarhus University     Denmark  
ABB Chemical     United States  
ABC Infotech   Mumbai   India  
Abilene Christian University     United States  
Absolute Global Logistics   Calgary   Canada  
Absorption Systems     United States  
Absorption Systems   Exton   United States  
Academic     United States  
Academy   Philipsburg   Netherlands  
Academy School District 20     United States  
Acenta Discovery, Inc.     United States  
Acharya N.G Ranga Agri University   Hyderabad   India  
Acibadem Labmed Laboratory   Istanubl   Turkey  
Acme Bioscience Inc.     United States  
ACS Manufacturing Corp     Philippines  
Adada     United States  
Adam Mickiewicz University     Poland  
Adamson University   Manila   Philippines  
Adimab, LLC   Lebanon   United States  
Admvd Gad Fd     United States  
ADP Services (UK) Ltd   London   United Kingdom  
Advanced Sensor Technologies, Inc.   Orange   United States  
Advantest America, Inc.   Princeton   United States  
Adventist Universiry Of The Philippines   Silang   Philippines  
Advinus   Bangalore   India  
Advinus   Dgfds   India  
ADYDSA   Tlalnepantla   Mexico  
Adzion Inc     India  
Affilation   Kalmshwar   India  
Afghanistan   Kabul   Jamaica  
Afghanistan   Kabul   Norway  
Aficionado   Medelln   America  
Aga Khan University     Pakistan  
AGC Glass Europe     Europe  
Agencia     United States  
Agency For Medical Products And Medical Devices Of Bosnia And Herzegov     Bosnia and Herzegovina  
Agentase LLC   Pittsburgh   United States  
Agfa Gevaert     Benin  
Airports Fiji Limited     Fiji  
AIST     Japan  
Aixtron Inc   Sunnyvale   United States  
Akal Information Systems     India  
Al-Suboh Modern Technology Co. Ltd   Al-Khobar   Saudi Arabia  
Albany College Of Pharmacy     United States  
Albi     Hungary  
Alcaldia     United States  
Algen Design Services   Eatontown   United States  
Algeria   Algiers   Malaysia  
Algeria   Algiers   Others  
Algeria   Ульяновск   Japan  
ALKEM LABORATORIES LTD   Bangalore   India  
Allegheny College   Meadville   United States  
Allergan   Bucharest   Europe  
Allergan Medical   Medford   United States  
Allixon     Korea  
American Fork High School   American Fork   United States  
American University Of Beirut   Beirut   Lebanon  
Amneal Pharma   Ahmedabad   India  
Amphastar Pharmaceuticals     United States  
AnaBios Corporation   San Diego   United States  
Angeles   Tacna   Peru  
Ankara University   Ankara   Turkey  
Antarctica   Molodesjnaja   Australia  
Antarctica   Molodesjnaja   Bangladesh  
Antarctica   Molodesjnaja   Korea  
Antarctica   Molodesjnaja   Singapore  
Antarctica   Molodesjnaja   Taiwan Region  
Anteo Diagnostics     Australia  
Anti Doping Lab     Middle East  
Apang     United States  
Apbioscience     United States  
Apollo Steel     United States  
Apostatis99     United States  
Apparels     India  
Applied Separations   Allentown   United States  
Aquinas University   Legaspi   Philippines  
AR Modular RF   Bothell   United States  
Arab Gulf Oil Company     Others  
Aradet     Iraq  
Argentina   San Miguel De Tucuman   Others  
Argentina   San Miguel De Tucuman   Taiwan Region  
Argonics, Inc.   Gwinn   United States  
Ariel University     Israel  
Arizona State University   Tempe   United States  
Arkansas State University     United States  
Arkema Inc.   King Of Prussia   United States  
Armidale High School   Armidale   Australia  
Army     United States  
Aroma   Varanasi   India  
Asahi Glass     Belgium  
Ascas     United States  
Ascotech   Calexico   United States  
Asddd     United States  
Asdf     Lao  
Asdsad Dasdsaads     United States  
Asesor   Sevilla   Spain  
Ashland     United States  
Asia     United States  
Asia Pacific     Philippines  
Asiabd   DfbS   India  
AspenBio Pharma, Inc.   Castle Rock   United States  
Asplas Pharma Inc   Pierrefonds   Canada  
Assoc.Prof.Dr.   Bursa   Others  
Astra Vopsele     Russia  
Atlantic Analytical Lab     United States  
Auburn University     United States  
AURA Biotechnologies Private Limited   Chennai   India  
AURA Biotechnologies Private Limted   Chennai   India  
Australian Wine Research Institute   Urrbrae   Australia  
Austria   Hohenems   Middle East  
Austria   Hohenems   Philippines  
Avila Therapeutics     United States  
Avir Sensors   Charlottesville   United States  
Avomeen Analytical Services   Ann Arbor   United States  
Avon Grove High School   West Grove   United States  
AvraSys   Zamboanga City   Philippines  
Aynor High School   Aynor   United States  
B. Grauel GmbH     Germany  
Babaria   Baroda   India  
Babylon Uni   Babylon   United States  
Bage-le-chatel   France   France  
Baker   Andeby   Denmark  
Balai Riset Dan Standardisasi Industri Surabaya     Indonesia  
Ballarat Christian College     Australia  
Balmoral K-12 Community College   Balmoral   Australia  
Bandung Institute Of Technology     Asia  
Bandung Sate Polytechnic   Bandung   Indonesia  
Bangladesh   Comilla   Bangladesh  
Bank   Aa   Ethiopia  
Bank Of America   Concord   United States  
BARC   MUMBAI   India  
BARC   Mumbai   United States  
Basirhat College     India  
Bastyr University   Kenmore   United States  
Baxter International Inc.   New Providence   United States  
Bay Zoltn Kft   Szeged   Hungary  
Bay Zoltn Ltd. Inst. For Biotech.     Hungary  
Baylor College Of Medicine   Houston   United States  
BCIT     Canada  
Bd Bioscience     United States  
BD Biosciences     United States  
Be My Home   Aa   Indonesia  
Beaber Construction LLC   Mountain   United States  
Beacon Analytical Systems     United States  
Bealrus   Minsk   Malaysia  
Bedford Co PSA   Bedford   United States  
Bedford County Public Schools   Bedford   United States  
Beijing University Of Technology     China  
Belarus   Minsk   United Arab Emirates  
Belgium   Aarschot   Taiwan Region  
Belize   Orange Walk   Philippines  
Belize   Orange Walk   Russia  
Bend Research Inc.   Bend   United States  
Benicia Unified School District   Benicia   United States  
Benin   Cotonou   Korea  
Bergquist     United States  
Bermuda   Saint George   America  
Bermuda   Saint George   Asia  
Bermuda   Saint George   France  
Bermuda   Saint George   Jamaica  
Berry College   Mount Berry   United States  
Beshay Steel Group     United States  
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center   Boston   United States  
Bharthiar University   Coimbatore   India  
Bhavna Consulting     India  
BIBIRC     United States  
Bielefeld University     Germany  
Bilep     India  
Bimax, Inc.   Glen Rock   United States  
Binghamton University   Binghamton   United States  
Bio It   Shah Alam   United States  
Bio-Rad Laboratories   Philadelphia   United States  
BioIT Xperts     United States  
BioLynx Technologies Pte. Ltd.     Singapore  
Bioserve   Hyderabad   India  
Biotechnical Faculty, Biology Department     Slovenia  
Biotechnology Research Institue   Kota Kinabalu   Malaysia  
Birzeit University     Middle East  
Birzeit University   Ramallah   Israel  
Bishop Montgomery High School   Torrance   United States  
Bismarck State College     United States  
Bismarck State College   Bismarck   United States  
BizAccel   Noblesville   United States     Romania  
BLawson Networks     United States  
Blde     India  
Bluebonnet Feeds   Ardmore   United States  
Boeing     United States  
Boise State University     United States  
Bolyai School     United States  
Bonham ISD   Bonham   United States  
Boston Biomedical     United States  
Boston Biomedical Inc   Cambridge   United States  
Boston University   Boston   United States  
BPCL     India  
BrandManufactory LLC   Miami   United States  
Bratachem   Jakarta   Israel  
Brazilian Federal Police     Brazil  
Brecknell Willis And Co Ltd   Chard   United Kingdom  
Bridgewater-Raritan Regional School District   Bridgewater   United States  
Brigham Young University   Provo   United States  
Bright Sun Company     Asia  
Brisbane Industrial Agencies   Arana Hills   Australia  
Brock     Canada  
Brockton High School   Brockton   United States  
Brokenshire College     Philippines  
Brown University     United States  
Brunei Darussalam   Bandar Seri Begawan   France  
Brunei Darussalam   Bandar Seri Begawan   India  
Brunei Darussalam   Bandar Seri Begawan   Pakistan  
BST Group   Shah Alam   Malaysia  
BUET     Bangladesh  
Buffalo State College   Buffalo   United States  
Bulgaria   Plovdiv   Australia  
Bulgaria   Plovdiv   France  
Burkina Faso   Yako   America  
BZAKA BAYBIO     Hungary  
C4 Rice Center, IRRI   Laguna   Philippines  
C4 Rice Center, IRRI   Los Banos   Philippines  
Calcutta     United States  
Calcutta Institute Of Pharmaceutical Technology     India  
Caldera Pharmaceuticals   Los Alamos   United States  
Caleb Brett     United States  
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona   Pomona   United States  
Callwell     United States  
Cambridge Major Labs   Germantown   United States  
Campus Notre-Dame-de-Foy     Canada  
Campus Notre-Dame-de-Foy   Saint Augustin-de-Desmaures   Canada  
Canada   Edson   Canada  
Canada   Quebec   Canada  
Canada Comunity College   Redwood City   United States  
Canford LifeTech LLP     Singapore  
Cap Rock Winery     United States  
Cape Breton University     Canada  
Cape Breton University   Sydney   Canada  
Cape Verde   Praia   Singapore  
Cargill Philippines Inc   3005   Philippines  
Carl Albert High School     United States  
Carondelet High School   Concord   United States  
Cass Clay Creamery, Inc.   Fargo   United States  
Catalent     United States  
Cato Meridian CSD   Cato   United States  
Cbnu     Germany  
Cbnu     Korea  
Cbnu     United States  
Cdac     India  
Cedarwood Sudbury School     United States  
Cegep De Thetford     Canada  
CellNetix     United States  
Cemedine Automotive Co., Ltd.     Japan  
Center For Advanced Energy Studies (   Idaho Falls   United States  
Center For Environmental Research   Gia Lam   Asia  
Center For Physical Sciences And Technology     Europe  
Center Of Heterocyclic Chemistry, University Of Florida     United States  
Centereach High School   Centereach   United States  
Central Cabarrus High School     United States  
Central Connecticut State University   New Britain   United States  
Central High School,   San Angelo   United States  
Central Laboratory Riyadh   Riyadh   Saudi Arabia  
Central Regional HS   Mt. Laurel   United States  
Central Salt     India  
Centre Algerien Du Control De Qualit   Alger   Others  
Centre College   Danville   United States  
Centre De Biochimie Structurale   Montpellier   France  
Centre For Health Research   Madang   Others  
Centre For Health Research   Madang   Papua new Guinea  
Centre Market Building     United States  
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique     France  
Centrillion   Palo Alto   United States  
Centro Di Riferimento Oncologico     Italy  
Centro Escolar University   Manila   Philippines  
Centro Regionale Amianto Lazio     Italy  
Centro Tecnologico Do Exercito     Brazil  
Century College   White Bear Lake   United States  
Cerela     Argentina  
Cetene     Brazil  
CFR Freight   Johannesburg   Others  
Chandrakant Patkar Vidyalaya   Dombivli   India  
Charlestown HS     United States  
Charlotte   Charlotte   United States  
Chem   Hatyai   Thailand  
Chember Of Commerce   Dhaka   Bangladesh  
Chembio Consulting     United States  
Chemco     United States  
Chemical   Hatyai   Thailand  
Chemical Associates   B'worth.   Malaysia  
Chemical Brothers     Japan  
Chemical Engineering, Texas A&M University   College Station   United States  
Chemical Hygiene Officer & Instructor     United States  
Chemical Lab     Greece  
Chemical Laboratory     India  
ChemicalHub Ltd.     United States  
Chemielabor     Switzerland  
Chemist   Indore   India  
Chemistry Laboratory   Nausori   Fiji  
ChemistryDepartment , Memorial University   St. John's   Canada  
Chemo   Walnut Creek   United States  
Chemolink   Walnut Creek   United States  
Chemoventory     United States  
Chemstry Thammasat   Pathumthanee   Thailand  
Chemtech LLC     United States  
Cherokee High School     United States  
Chesapeake Public Schools   Chesapeake   United States  
Chevron Nigeria Limited     Others  
Chile   San Vicente De Tagua Tagua   Australia  
Chile   San Vicente De Tagua Tagua   Germany  
Chile   San Vicente De Tagua Tagua   India  
Chile   San Vicente De Tagua Tagua   Korea  
CHIM Patrol     United States  
Chimica Ambiente   Forli   Italy  
China Import Limited     Asia  
Christ's Household Of Faith School     United States  
Christian Brothers Academy     United States  
Christian Medical College   Vellore   India  
Chromocell     United States  
Chulalongkorn University   Bangkok   Thailand  
Church And Dwight UK Ltd   Folkestone   United Kingdom  
Cibus US LLC   San Diego   United States  
CICECO   Aveiro   United States  
CIDS     United States  
Cima Industries     United States  
Cipla   Verna   India  
Cipt     India  
City Of Batesville     United States  
City Of Burnaby BC     Canada  
CKD Bio     Korea  
Clariant Chemicals   Navi Mumbai   India  
Clarkson University     United States  
Clemson University   Clemson   United States  
Clifton Hunter High School     Jamaica  
Clinical Genomics   North Ryde   Australia  
CLIP - The Oporto International School     Portugal  
CNRS UMR8640   Paris   France  
Cobden Technical School   Cobden   Australia  
Colas East Aftica     Kenya  
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory   Cold Spring Harbor   United States  
Colgio Sinodal Ruy BArbosa     Brazil  
College     India  
College Of Nanoscale Science And Engineering     United States  
College Of Saint Elizabeth     United States  
College Of The Atlantic   Bar Harbor   United States  
College Of Western Idaho   Nampa   United States  
Collge Champittet   Pully   Switzerland  
Colorado State University   Ft. Collins   United States  
Colorado State University Department Of Atmospheric Science   Fort Collins   United States  
Colorchem     United States  
Columbia College     United States  
Columbia College Of Missouri   Columbia   United States  
Columbia University   New York   United States  
Columbus Forensic Lab     United States  
Combicat   Kedah   Malaysia  
Company     Korea  
Company     United States  
Company   Batam   Indonesia  
Company   Nagpur   India  
Company   Peshawer   Pakistan  
Company   Surat   India  
Computer Sciences Corporation     United States  
Computer Tech   Fairview   United States  
CompX Regout     United States  
Confidental     United States  
Contaminant Control, Inc   Salisbury   United States  
Conwell-Egan Catholic High School   Fairless Hills   United States  
Cornell University     United States  
Country Ribbon Inc.   St. John's   Canada  
Country Ribbon Inc.   St. John's, NL   Canada  
Covington Exempted Village Schools   Covington   United States  
CPCB     United States  
Cranfield University     United Kingdom  
Cranfield University     United States  
Creative Polymers, Inc.   Hazelwood   United States  
Creators     United States  
Creedmoor Centre Medical Associates   Raleigh   United States  
Creswell High School     United States  
Cross Cancer Institute     United States  
CRP Henri Tudor     Luxembourg  
Crucell Korea     Korea  
CSA Engineering   Albuquerque   United States  
CSU Chico Research Foundation     United States  
Ctp Chem S.r.l.     United States  
Curtin University     Australia  
Custopharm   Carlsbad   United States  
Cyberjaya University College Of Medical Scineces   Cyberjaya   Malaysia  
Cymer   Decatur   United States  
Cypress Creek High School   Orlando   United States  
Cyprus   Paphos   Germany  
Cyprus   Paphos   India  
Cyternity     United States  
Czech Republic   Kralupy Nad Vltavou   Brazil  
Czech Republic   Kralupy Nad Vltavou   Korea  
D B Sc     India  
Dabs     United Kingdom  
Dadwen School Complex     Ghana  
Dairy Internacional De El Salvador S.A. De C.V.   Antiguo Cuscatlan   El Salvador  
Dalhousie     Canada  
Darigold   Sunnyside   United States  
Dartmouth College   Hanover   United States  
Dartmouth College   West Lebanon   United States  
Dasf     United States  
Datachem Laboratories   Salt Lake City   United States  
Dawson Independent School District   Welch   United States  
Deco Carpets     United States  
Defence R & D Establishment   Gwalior   India  
Delmar Chemical   Montreal   Canada  
DEMO     India  
Dental Lab     United States  
Department Of Agriculture     South Africa  
Department Of Biology, University Of Jan Evangelista Purkyne     Czech Republic  
Department Of Chemistry   Lafayette   United States  
Department Of Pharmacodynamics And Biopharmacy, University Of Szeged   Szeged   Hungary  
DePauw University   Greencastle   United States  
Dept. Racing Chemsitry Vet Diagnostics Lab Vet Med   Ames   United States  
Dermatology     United States  
DFCI   Boston   United States  
DFCL   Vizag   India  
Dhaliwal Dth Co   Jalandhar   India  
Dhoa Technical Labs   Doha   Middle East  
Dimension Technology Chemical Systems   Sacrametno   United States  
Dinas Pertambangan Dan Energi Prov. NTB     Indonesia  
Dipartimento Di Chimica E Chimica Industriale/Universita' Di Pisa   Pisa   Italy  
Direccion De Educacion De Pastaza     Ecuador  
Director Of Product Development   Kentfield   United States  
Dominican Republic   Duverge   Australia  
Dominican Republic   Duverge   Israel  
Don Bosco Technical College     United States  
Double Bond Chemical     Taiwan Region  
Dow Chemical Company   Freeport   United States  
DRDE     India  
DSWD     Philippines  
Dtew   Hyderabad   India  
Dublin School   Dublin   United States  
Duke University     United States  
Duke University   Durham   United States  
DuPont     United States  
Dupont   Wilmington   United States  
Dutchess Day School   Millbrook   United States  
Dyesol UK Ltd.     United States  
Dymax Corporation   Torrington   United States  
Dynamac   Kennedy Space Center   United States  
Dynamac Corp   Kennedy Space Center   United States  
DyStar Singapore Pte Ltd     Singapore  
DyStar Singapore Pte Ltd   Singapore   Singapore  
Кино новинки   Новинки кино   Others  
Москва   Москва   Germany  
Москва   Москва   India  
ОАЭ Дубай   ОАЭ Дубай   Japan  
Приватные IPv6, IPv4 & Socks5 - Http://WinGate.Me   Приватные IPv6, IPv4 & Socks5 - Http://Wi   Japan  
РФ   Октябрьский   Germany  
Росиия   Москва   Sweden  
Россия   Austell   Taiwan Region  
Россия   Боковская Ростовская облас   Europe  
Россия   Казань   Denmark  
Россия   Красноармейск   France  
Россия   Кытманово   Jamaica  
Россия   Москва   Bangladesh  
Россия   Москва   Brazil  
Россия   Москва   Europe  
Россия   Москва   Germany  
Россия   Москва   Indonesia  
Россия   Москва   Israel  
Россия   Москва   Middle East  
Россия   Москва   Spain  
Россия   Москва   Switzerland  
Россия   Москва   Taiwan Region  
Россия   Москва   Thailand  
Россия   Орехово-Зуево   Germany  
Россия   Посад   France  
Россия   Приволжск   Norway  
Россия   СПБ   Australia  
Россия   СПБ   Israel  
Россия   СПБ   Switzerland  
Россия   Смоленск   Japan  
Россия   Ташкент   Korea  
Россия   Темиртау   Pakistan  
Россия   Томпа Иркутская область   Taiwan Region  
Россия   Челябинск   United Kingdom  
Россия   Щигры   Pakistan  
Украина   Киев   Europe  
дом 2 скрытая камера туалет   качай, пока не удалили   Brazil  
играть онлайн бесплатно недфорспид мост   недфорспид мост вантед игр   Japan  
как в недфорспид мост вантед играть по се   как вдвоем играть в недфорс   Japan  
E & J Gallo   Modesto   United States  
East Antigonish Academy   Monastery   Canada  
East Carolina University-CHH&P   Greenville   United States  
East China University Of Science And Technology     China  
East Detroit High School   Eastpointe   United States  
East Laurens High School   East Dublin   United States  
East Los Angele College   Monterey Park   United States  
East Providence Career & Technical Center   East Providence   United States  
Eastern Michigan University   Ypsilanti   United States  
Eastern Oklahoma State College   Wilburton   United States  
Eastern Virginia Medical School   Norfolk   United States  
EastNep Computer     Nepal  
Ebkar   Tripoli   Others  
Ebkar Company For Engineering Services   Tripoli   Others  
Eco Filtration Solutions Ltd   Manchester   United Kingdom  
Ecochimie SRL     Moldova  
Ecole Normale Suprieure     France  
Ecosian     United States  
Edina High School   Edina   United States  
Education   Kuala Lumpur   Malaysia  
Eess   Ee   Ecuador  
Egypt   Cairo   France  
Egypt   Cairo   Korea  
EHS&S Manager     United States  
El Camino College   Torrance   United States  
El Paso Indepentent School District     United States  
El Salvador   Arcatao   Others  
Electralife   Dhaka   Bangladesh  
Electro-Coatings   San Antonio   United States  
Elwood   East Northport   United States  
EMB R-13   Butuan City   Philippines  
Emeco Canada     Canada  
Emory Children Center   Atlanta   United States  
Emory University   Atlanta   United States  
Emporia State University   Emporia   United States  
Enemesios     Mexico  
EnerQuest Services   Harrow   Canada  
Engineer     United States  
Engineering   Tehran   Iran  
England   Glasgow   Norway  
ENSAM   Paris   France  
Entergy     United States  
Environmental Laboratory     Botswana  
Environmental Manager   Spokane   United States  
Environmental Protection Agency - Ghana     Ghana  
Environmental Protection Agency - Ghana   Accra   Others  
Envirosharp   Cairo   United States  
Envoy Therapeutics, Inc.   Jupiter   United States  
EoPlex Technologies     United States  
Epigenetix RD Centre     Canada  
Epitopix     United States  
Epsoftware     Venezuela  
Eritrea   Taiping   Norway  
Eritrea   Taiping   Russia  
ESB-UCP     United States  
ESSALUD     Peru  
Essensi   Bogor   Indonesia  
Essesstrading     United States  
ESTSP - IPP - PT     Portugal  
Estudiante     United States  
ETE Julio De Mesquita     Brazil  
Eternis Fine Chemicals Ltd   Mumbai   India  
Ethanol Technologies     Australia  
ETS Oilfield Services     United States  
European Commission     United States  
European Synchrotron Radiation Facility     France  
Eurosport     Mexico  
Evonik   Pittsburg   United States  
Example     United States  
Exide Technologies   Milton   United States  
Exopack, LLC   Spartanburg   United States  
Experimur   Chicago   United States  
Facto Software     Venezuela  
Facultad De Medicina-Universidad De La Repblica     Uruguay  
Faculty Of Biology     Serbia  
Faculty Of Biomedical Science, Universiti Industri Selangor   Shah Alam   Malaysia  
Faculty Of Chemistry, University Of Wroclaw, Wroclaw, Poland     Poland  
Faculty Of Pharmacy University Of Coimbra     United States  
Fall River Jr/Sr High School   McArthur   United States  
Fang Oil Laboratory     Thailand  
Farok College     India  
Fasfasfasfa     United States  
FAU Erlangen     Germany  
FC Calicut     India  
Fdo-ahwaz-khuzestan     Iran  
FHNW     United States  
FIBAG Biogas Kft.     Hungary  
Fibron Technologies   Culver City   United States  
FIEC     Brazil  
Fine Chemical Corparation   Cape Town   South Africa  
Firstpagesolutions   Barrow In Furness   United Kingdom  
Fishery Industrial Technology Center, University Of Alaska, Fairbanks   Kodiak   United States  
Florida Keys Mosquito Control District   Key West   United States  
Florida State University   Tallahassee   United States  
Flour Bluff High School   CORPUS CHRISTI   United States  
Fluidigm Corp     United States  
Fontarome Chemical Inc.     United States  
Fonterra Brands   Auckland   New Zealand  
Food Nanolaboratory     Korea  
Food Quality     Tunisia  
Forensic Laboratory     United States  
Forensic Sciences Centre     Barbados  
Fort Worth Country Day   Weatherford   United States  
Fragrance Manufacturer     United States  
France   Paris   France  
France   Tours   France  
Freelance Consultant   Morelia   Mexico  
Friends University   Wichita   United States  
Frontier   Chennai   India  
Fsfjiofjio     United States  
Full Moon Computer Systems   Oak Hill   United States  
Futureweld Co., Inc.   Phoenix   United States  
Gadhh     United States  
Gainesville State College   Oakwood   United States  
Gardline Australia     Australia  
Garland High School     United States  
Garware College     United States  
Gauhati University     India  
Genoptix   Carlsbad   United States  
Georgia Bureau Of Investigation     United States  
Georgia Gwinnett College     United States  
Georgia Gwinnett College   Lawrenceville   United States  
Georgia Power     United States  
Georgia-Pacific     United States  
Georgian Court University   Lakewood   United States  
Germany   Bamberg   Germany  
Germany   Freising   Germany  
Germany   Koln   Germany  
Germany   Leipzig   Germany  
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Gfjhg   Walnut Creek   United States  
Ghana   Ga District   America  
Ghana   Ga District   Pakistan  
Gibraltar   Estepona   France  
Gibsonburg High School     United States  
GlaxoSmithKline   Ware   United Kingdom  
GlaxoSmithKline   York   United States  
Global Eprocure     India  
Gloucester Academy   Gloucester   United Kingdom  
Goethe University   Frankfurt AM   Germany  
Goetze Candy   Baltimore   United States  
Goodrich Corporation   Brecksville   United States  
Goucher College   Baltimore   United States  
Goucher College   Towson   United States  
Government Analyst Division     Others  
Government Poly Technic   Mumbra   India  
Governor's Academy     United States  
Govt Post Graduate College Mandian   Abbottabad   Pakistan  
Grace Clinical Lab   Salem   India  
Grad Student, University Of Florida   Gainesville   United States  
Grean Technologies   HAMILTON   United States  
Greater Hartford Academy Of Math And Science     United States  
Greece   Kalamaria   United States  
Green Mountain     United States  
Green River Community College   Federal Way   United States  
Greenland   Nuuk   Denmark  
Greenville College   Greenville   United States  
Grinnell College     United States  
Grinnell College   Grinnell   United States  
Ground Force MFG     United States  
Groupe Ressources     France  
Guam   Hagatna   Hungary  
GUI Consult     Ghana  
Guidant Corporation   St. Paul   United States  
Guide Win     Taiwan Region  
Gunadarma University     Indonesia  
Gusmer Enterprises, Inc.   Waupaca   United States  
Hacettepe University     Turkey  
Hach Company   Loveland   United States  
Haddam Killingworth High School   Higganum   United States  
Haiti   Delmas   Norway  
Haiti   Delmas   Others  
Haiti   Delmas   Russia  
Haiti   Delmas   Taiwan Region  
Hamilton Sundstrand     United States  
Handwash Systems     United States  
HaRaN   Ashdod   Israel  
Hardin-Simmons University   Abilene   United States  
Harris County Hospital District   Houston   United States  
Harrisburg University     United States  
Hartman Walsh Industrial Services   St. Louis   United States  
Harvard Medical School     United States  
Harvard University     United States  
Hasselt University     Europe  
Health     United States  
Health Canada     Cape Verde  
Healthpoint     United States  
Hebrew University Of Jerusalem     Israel  
Helmholtz Institute (HIPS)   Saarbruecken   Germany  
HEMRL     India  
Henkel   Bromma   Sweden  
Heric Computer Services     United States  
Heritage University     United States  
Heritage University   Toppenish   United States  
Hew Software Technologies   Bangalore   India  
High Performance Materials Institute   Tallahassee   United States  
Hill Country Pest Control   Ingram   United States  
HIT Software   Mosselbay   South Africa  
Hitgen     United States  
Hobbyist   Jackson   United States  
Holmdel Township Board Of Education   Holmdel   United States  
Holy Child College Of Davao     Philippines  
Home     Australia  
Home     Belgium  
Home     Hungary  
HOME     Indonesia  
Home     United States  
HOME   Amman   Jordan  
Home   Holland   United States  
Home   Nejapa   El Salvador  
Home Purpose     United States  
Home School Teacher   Buffalo Center   United States  
Home User     United States  
Home User   Jessore   Bangladesh  
Honduras   Choluteca   Bangladesh  
Hong Kong Academy     Hong Kong SAR, PRC  
Hong Kong University Of Science And Technology     Hong Kong SAR, PRC  
Hongphuc     Vietnam  
Houghton College     United States  
Hovione     United States  
Hovione LLC   East Windsor   United States  
Howard Hughes Medical Institute   San Francisco   United States  
HR-CT     United States  
Http://   Saint Louis   Hungary  
Http://   Colonel Hill   Singapore  
Hu Berlin     Germany  
Huace Lighting   Colombo   Sri Lanka  
Hudson Plating Works, Inc.   Moorpark   United States  
Hundai     Korea  
Hungary   Debrecen   Hungary  
Hyaluron, Inc.   Burlington   United States  
Hydrotech     Italy  
Hydrotex     United States  
Icare Optical Ltd     India  
ICx Griffin   West Lafayette   United States  
ICx Nomadics   Cambridge   United States  
Idaho State University     United States  
Idaho State University   Pocatello   United States  
IEENT     Serbia  
Iglesi     United States  
IHS Chemical Division   New Orleans   United States  
IIB GC University   Lahore   Pakistan  
IIIM     India  
Iis City Campus   Jaffna   United States  
IIT Bombay   Mumbai   India  
IITB   Mumbai   India  
IITK     India  
IITK     United States  
Illinois Institute Of Technology   Chicago   United States  
IMBM   Cape Town   South Africa  
Imerys     United States  
Immaculate Conception Academy     United States  
Imperial College London     United States  
Imperial College London   London   United Kingdom  
Imperial Granites   Chennai   India  
Imperial Valley College   Imperial   United States  
Inbu     India  
INCOTEC   MOJAVE   United States  
Incozen Therapeutics Pvt Ltd     India  
Indaver     Ireland  
Independiente     Mexico  
India   Panjab   India  
India Innovation Center     India  
Indian Institute O Technology     India  
Indian Institute Of Science   Bangalore   India  
Indian Institute Of Science Education And Research Pune   Pune   India  
Indian Institute Of Science Education And Research Thiruvanathapuram   Thiruvananthapuram   India  
Indian School Of Mines   Dhanbad   India  
Indiana Christian Academy     United States  
Indonesia   Tomohon   Indonesia  
Indonesia University Of Education   Bandung   Indonesia  
Indoneziy   Bantul   Norway  
Indoneziy   Pakanbaru   Taiwan Region  
Indusa     India  
Ineos Polyolefins Europe   Bruxelles   Belgium  
INEOS Services Belgium   Bruxelles   Belgium  
Inergy Services   Tupman   United States  
Infilco Degremont   Amman   Jordan  
Infineum Italia S.r.l.     Italy  
Infoconexion   Bogot D.C.   Columbia  
INIFTA     Argentina  
Inonu University   Malatya   Others  
INRA     France  
INSA DE ROUEN   Mont Saint Aignan   France  
Institiute     United States  
Institut De Recherche En Biotechnologie   Montreal   Canada  
Institut Des Sciences De La Mer De Rimouski   Rimouski   Canada  
Institut Fr Photonische Technologien Jena E.V.     Germany  
Institut National Des Sciences Appliques De Rouen   Mont-Saint-Aignan   France  
Institut Teknologi Bandung     Indonesia  
Institut Vinca     Others  
Institute   Lahore   Pakistan  
Institute For Biological Instrumentation, Of The RAS, Pushchino,   Pushchino   Russia  
Institute For Microbial Biottechnology And Metagenomics     South Africa  
Institute For Multidisciplinary Research     Serbia  
Institute Of Basic Science   Ulsan   Korea  
Institute Of Biomechanics Of Valencia   Valencia   Spain  
Institute Of Cancer Research   Sutton   United Kingdom  
Institute Of Chemical Technology     India  
Institute Of Chemistry   Colombo   Sri Lanka  
Institute Of Chemistry, Faculty Of Natural Sciences And Mathematics   Skopje   Others  
Institute Of Chemistry: University Of The Philippines-Diliman   Quezon City   Philippines  
Institute Of Clinical Physiology Of CNR, Radiopharmacy Dept   Pisa   Italy  
Institute Of Organic Chemistry PAS     Europe  
Institute Of Zoology, Belgrade     Serbia  
Institution     Asia  
Institution     United States  
Institution   Al Ain   United Arab Emirates  
Instituto De Investigaciones Agropecuarias     Chile  
Instituto De Quimica De Sao Carlos     Brazil  
Instituto De Quimica De Sao Carlos   Sao Carlos   Brazil  
Instituto Geografico Agustin Codazzi     Columbia  
Instituto Superior Tecnico   Lisboa   Portugal  
Integrated Laboratory Systems   Research Triangle Park   United States  
INTERC HEMICAL   So Paulo   Brazil  
International Academy - Amman   Amman   Jordan  
International Flavors And Fragrances   Augusta   United States  
International Islamic University Malaysia   Kuala Lumpur   Malaysia  
International Rice Research Institute   Los Banos   Philippines  
Internet   Oruro   Bolivia  
Interpet Ltd     United States  
Inventory Officer     New Zealand  
Invisage   Menlo Park   United States  
Iowa National Guard Research Lab   Des Moines   United States  
Iowa State University     United States  
Ireland   Ennis   Korea  
Ireland   Ennis   Thailand  
Irgum Invovation   Umea   Sweden  
IRRI     Philippines  
Isep     United States  
Isola     United States  
Isola Group     United States  
ISPL     India  
Israel   Raanana   Israel  
Istanbul Technical University     Turkey  
Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia     Italy  
Istituto Nazionale Di Astrofisica     United States  
IT SUPPORT   Bandung   Indonesia  
Itaconix Corporation     United States  
Italian Institute Of Technology     United States  
Italy   Bottegone   Italy  
ITC Limited     India  
유기재료보존연구실/Korea National University Of Cultural Heritage     Korea  
J&S Chemical     United States  
Jabulani Africa IT   Centurion   South Africa  
Jacobs University     United States  
Jags Inc   Portsmouth   United States  
Jamaica   Minsk   Switzerland  
Jamaica   Mount Carey   Jamaica  
Japan   Tamana   Japan  
Jefferson County Public Schools   Louisville   United States  
Jiangnan University     China  
JLY TECHNOLOGIES   Addison   United States  
Jly Technologies Inc     United States  
Johns Hopkins University   Baltimore   United States  
Jordan University     Jordan  
Joshua Isd   Joshua   United States  
JustDoingResearch     Canada  
Kabien Laboratories     United States  
KACST     Saudi Arabia  
KAIST     Korea  
Kaizen Environmental     Barbados  
Kaizen Environmental Services Ltd     United States  
Kantonsschule Chur   Chur   Switzerland  
Kaohsiung Medical Univ.     United States  
Kaohsiung Medical University     United States  
Katz Ltd     Israel  
KAUST     United States  
Kazakhstan   Aqtobe   Korea  
Kb Pharma     Korea  
KD Analytical Consulting Inc.   Gypsum   United States  
Keego Group   Detroit   United States  
Kemig D.o.o.   Donja Zelina   Others  
Kemya     Saudi Arabia  
Kerry Americas   Beloit   United States  
Keystone Corporation     United States  
Khan Computer   Dhaka   Bangladesh  
Khrtoum Refinery Company   Khartoum   Sudan  
Kimberlite Chemicals   Malur   India  
King Abdulaziz City For Scince & Technology   Riyadh   Saudi Arabia  
King Abdulaziz University - Biochemistry Department     Saudi Arabia  
King Abdullah University     United States  
King County   Renton   United States  
King Fahd University   Dhahran   Saudi Arabia  
Kings College London   London   United Kingdom  
Kipuri     Mexico  
KIST(KR)     Korea  
Kiwi     United States  
KL-Kepong Oleomas   PJ   Malaysia  
KLK OLEO     United States  
KNRC     Korea  
Kocaeli University     Turkey  
Kongu     United States  
Konkel Business Services   Modesto   United States  
Korea Advanced Food Research Institute   Seoul   Korea  
Korea Minting And Security Corporation     Korea  
Kornilakis     Germany  
KPOCU     United States  
KTH Royal Institute Of Technology     Sweden  
KU Leuven     Belgium  
Kungliga Tekniska Hgskolan     Sweden  
Kutztown University Of PA   Kutztown   United States  
Kuwait   Kuwait   Philippines  
Kuwait   Kuwait   United Arab Emirates  
Kyrgyzstan   Karakol   Indonesia  
Kyrgyzstan   Karakol   Pakistan  
Kyushu University   Kasuga   Japan  
L V Prasad Eye Research Institute   Hyderabad   India  
La Salle University   Philadelphia   United States  
Lab Central     Indonesia  
Lab Science     United States  
Lab Specialist   Al Ain   United Arab Emirates  
Lab Technician     Columbia  
Laborantskolen Nordsjlland   Elsinore   Denmark  
Laboratoire De Bioenergetique Et Ingenierie Des Proteines     France  
Laboratorio Lopez   Nogales   Mexico  
Laboratorio Municipal   Sevilla   Spain  
Laboratory     Greece  
Laboratory Of Fibre And Cellulose (Abo Akademi University)     Finland  
Lake City Area Schools   Lake City   United States  
Laos Institute Of Technology     United States  
Lareal Vietnam     Vietnam  
LaSalle High School   Pasadena   United States  
Latvia   Smiltene   Israel  
Laureate   Princeton   United States  
Laurentian University     Canada  
Laurus Synthesis Inc.     United States  
Lawrence University   Appleton   United States  
Lbpsb     Canada  
LCGC CHEMSYNTH   Hyderabad   India  
Learning   Mumbai   India  
Lebanon   Jbeil   Switzerland  
Lederzentrum GmbH   Rosdorf   Germany  
Leila Nicole     United States  
Lenoir-Rhyne University     United States  
Lexmark Research And Development Corporation     Philippines  
Liberia   Monrovia   Asia  
Liberia   Monrovia   India  
Liberia   Monrovia   Spain  
Licking Valley High School     United States  
Lifesaving.BC.CA     Canada  
Ligar     United States  
Ligar LP   Hamilton   Others  
Limestone College     United States  
Lockport Township High School     United States  
London High School   London   United States  
Longburn Adventist College     Others  
Looking   Sex Looking   Korea  
Lorain County Community College   Elyria   United States  
Los Angeles Mission College   Sylmar   United States  
Loughborough University   Loughborough   United Kingdom  
Louisiana State University   Baton Rouge   United States  
Lozanic Labs     Yugoslavia  
Ludwig Maximilian University Munich   Munich   Germany  
Ludwig-Maximilans-University     Germany  
Lumisense Lda   Lisboa   Portugal  
LyDat   Fairfax   United States  
Lyon College     United States  
Macatawa Bay     United States  
MacDermid, Inc.   Waterbury   United States  
Madagascar   Madagascar   Middle East  
Madagascar   Madagascar   Russia  
Madras   Madras   India  
Mahdeen Sweaters Limited   Valuka   Bangladesh  
Makhostia Utilities Sdn Bhd   Ampang   Malaysia  
Malawi University Of Science And Technology   Limbe   Others  
Malaysia   Kulim   Malaysia  
Malaysian Rubber Board   Sungai Buloh   Malaysia  
Mali   Bamako   Europe  
Mali   Bamako   Germany  
Mali   Bamako   Indonesia  
Mali   Bamako   Malaysia  
Mallinckrodt   St. Louis   United States  
Malta   Mosta   Hungary  
Malta   Mosta   Indonesia  
Malta   Mosta   Israel  
Malta   Mosta   Korea  
Marian University   Fond Du Lac   United States  
Marine Institute   St. John's   Canada  
Marine Systems Institute, Tallinn University Of Technology   Tallinn   Estonia  
Marinebztv     India  
Markem-Imaje   Keene   United States  
Marmara   Istanbul   Others  
Marshall County High School   Benton   United States  
Marshall Islands   Kwajalein   Switzerland  
Marsing High School   MARSING   United States  
Martnos Imaging Center     United States  
Massachusetts General Hospital     United States  
Massachusetts Insitute Of Technology     United States  
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology     United States  
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology   Cambridge   United States  
Materia   Pasadena   United States  
Matinos Imaging Center     United States  
Mauritius   Quatre Bornes   Bangladesh  
Mauritius   Quatre Bornes   Russia  
Max-Well     Ukraine  
Mayfield City School District   Mayfield Heights   United States  
Maynilad Water Services   Quezon City   Philippines  
MC CReations INC   Hackensack   United States  
McDaniel College   Westminster   United States  
McKavanagh Holdings Ltd     Others  
Mcmaster     Canada  
McMaster University   Hamilton   Canada  
MD Anderson Cancer Center     United States  
MD Anderson Cancer Center   Houston   United States  
Mechem     Singapore  
Medeltıp     United States  
Medical Technology     Thailand  
Medical Technology     United States  
Mediterranea Ricerca E Sviluppo   Cosenza   Italy  
Meggitt Safety System   Simi Valley   United States  
Memorial University   St, John's   Canada  
Memorial University   St. John's   Canada  
Memphis Community Schools   Memphis   United States  
Merrimack College     United States  
Merrimack College   N. Andover   United States  
Mesiniaga Berhad     United States  
Metabolix     United States  
Metabolix   Cambridge   United States  
Methodist University   Fayetteville   United States  
Metro International Trade Services   Wilmington   United States  
Michigan Molecular Insititute     United States  
Michigan State University     United States  
Microbiology Cappagh Hospital   Dublin   Ireland  
Micrometl Corp   Indianapolis   United States  
Micromidas   West Sacramento   United States  
Mid Sweden University   Sundsvall   Sweden  
Middle East Technical University     Turkey  
Middle East Technical University Northern Cyprus Campus     Others  
Middle Tennessee State Univ.   Murfreesboro   United States  
Middle Tennessee State University   Murfreesboro   United States  
Midlands   Gweru   Zambia  
Midwerstern University   Downers Grov   United States  
Midwestern     United States  
Millenium Cell Inc.   Eatontown   United States  
MiLO Ventures   Fort Collins   United States  
Milwaukee Area Technical College   Milwaukee   United States  
Milwaukee Public Schools   Milwaukee   United States  
MindWave Solutions Pte Ltd     Singapore  
Mining And Metalurgy   BOR   Europe  
Ministry Of Health     Malaysia  
Miraur     United States  
Mister   Bhopal   India  
Mister   Hermosillo   Mexico  
Miyahuna   Amman   Jordan  
MJH Software     Germany  
MK Komputer   Tangerang   Indonesia  
Mofid Glass Co.     United States  
Mogam     Korea  
Moldova   Chisinau   Canada  
Moldova   Chisinau   Japan  
Momentive Performance Materials   Chennai   India  
Momento Company     United States  
Monash Uni     Australia  
Monash University   Monash University   Australia  
Monash University Sunway Campus   Bandar Sunway   Malaysia  
Mongolia   Port St. Lucie   Canada  
Mongolia   Ulaanbaatar   Russia  
Mongolia   Ulaanbaatar   Spain  
Monmouth College     United States  
Monmouth College   Monmoth   United States  
Monroe Township Board Of Education   Monroe Twp.   United States  
MONSANTO INDIA LTD   Hyderabad   India  
Montgomery County Community College   Pottstown   United States  
Montgomery County Public Schools   Christiansburg   United States  
Montgomery HS   Skillman   United States  
MOP Vaishnav College For Women   Chennai   India  
Morocco   Agadir   Spain  
Morocco   Tafraout   Japan  
Morton Salt   New Iberia   United States  
Morton Welding Company   Morton   United States  
Moscow State University     Russia  
Mosti   Malaysia   Malaysia  
MountainCustoms     United States  
Mozambique   Maputo   Canada  
Msds   Assiout   Middle East  
MSL Environment     United States  
Msu-iligan Instituteof Technology     Philippines  
Mt. Olive High School   Mt. Olive   United States  
Murray State University / Breathitt Veterinary Center   Hopkinsville   United States  
Mvurwi High School   Mvurwi   Zambia  
My Self     Bangladesh  
Myself   Modena   Italy  
NAEJA Pharmaceutical Inc     United States  
NAES Corp/Lockport Cogeneration Facility   Lockport   United States  
Nalco China     China  
Nam Theun 2 Power Company   Vientiane   Thailand  
NanoComposix, Inc.   San Diego   United States  
Nanotechnology Center     United States  
Nantogn Biolux Bioenergy Protein Feed Co.,Ltd     China  
National Academy Of Agricultural Science     Korea  
National Agricultural Research Organisation   Kampala   Uganda  
National Botanical Research Institute   Lucknow   India  
National Cente For Cell Science   Pune   India  
National Centre For Biological Sciences   Bangalore   India  
National Chemistry Registry   Daerah   Malaysia  
National Fisheries Products Inspection Service     Korea  
National Food Technology Research Centre   Kanye   Botswana  
National Forensic Lab     Europe  
National Forensic Lab     Others  
National Institute Of Pharmaceutical Education And Research   S.A.S.Nagar   India  
National Oceanography Centre, Southampton UK   Southampton   United Kingdom  
National Paints   Sharjah   United Arab Emirates  
National Research Centre For Groundnut     India  
National Starch   N Kansas City   United States  
National University   Islamabad   Pakistan  
National University Of Singapore     Singapore  
National University Of Singapore   Singapore   Singapore  
Natural Sciences And Research Institute,University Of The Philippines   Quezon City   Philippines  
NAUSS     United States  
Navy     United States  
Navya Biologicals Pvt Ltd     India  
Ncca   Johannesburg   United States  
Needham High School   Needham   United States  
Nektar Therapeutics India Pvt. Limited   Hyderabad   India  
Nepal   Banepa   France  
Nepal   Banepa   Others  
Netherlands   Beilen   Hungary  
Netherlands Antilles   Willemstad   Italy  
Netherlands Antilles   Willemstad   Japan  
New Bern High School   New Bern   United States  
New York Presbyterian Hospital   New York   United States  
New York University School Of Medicine   New York   United States  
New Zealand   Albany   Hungary  
New Zealand   Albany   Iceland  
Newell Rubbermaid     United States  
NewellRubbermaid - Sanford   Oak Brook   United States  
Newton Community High School   Newton   United States  
Nexam St Andrews Ltd   Cupar   United Kingdom  
Nicaragua   Jalapa   Asia  
Nicaragua   Jalapa   Singapore  
Niko Resources LTd.   SURAT`   India  
Ninguna     America  
Ninguna     United States  
No Affiliation   Cluj   Romania  
No Company     United States  
None     Argentina  
None     Canada  
None     France  
None     Germany  
None     Hong Kong SAR, PRC  
None     Philippines  
None     Singapore  
None     United States  
None   Bolton   Canada  
None   Colombia   Columbia  
None   Duluth   United States  
None   None   Canada  
None   None   United States  
None   Phoenix   United States  
None   Washington   United States  
Norfolk Island   Burnt Pine   Jamaica  
Norfolk Island   Burnt Pine   Norway  
North Broward Preparatory Schools   Coconut Creek   United States  
North Carolina State University     United States  
North Carolina State University   Raleigh   United States  
North Carolina State University Khan Lab     United States  
North Greenville University   Tigerville   United States  
North West University- South Africa   Potchefstroom   Others  
Northeast A&F University     United States  
Northeastern University     United States  
Northern Lipids Inc.     Canada  
Northland Pioneer College   Holbrook   United States  
Northumbria University   Newcastle Upon Tyne   United Kingdom  
Northwest A&F University     China  
Norway   Levanger   Norway  
Norway   Porsgrunn   Norway  
NOVA MEDIA     United States  
Nova Solutions, Inc.   Effingham   United States  
Nova Southeastern University     United States  
Novartis (Bangladesh) Limited   Dhaka   Bangladesh  
Novartis Animal Health   Kemps Creek   Australia  
Npc Chemical Company     India  
NRPL     India  
Nucelis   San Diego   United States  
Nuclear Research Centre   MOL   Belgium  
Nynas     Singapore  
скачать игру недфорспид андеграунд 2 чер   недфорспид скачать игру бе   Canada  
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трезвый водитель   трезвый водитель   United Kingdom  
Oakley High School   Oakley   United States  
Oakwood University Department Of Chemistry     United States  
Ocean Nutrition Canada   Dartmouth   Canada  
Officer   Palu   Indonesia  
Ogallala Bay Rum   Ogallala   United States  
Ohio Department Of Agriculture     United States  
Ohio State University   Columbus   United States  
OHS Plus   Albury   Australia  
Olathe Northwest High School   Olathe   United States  
Olivet College   Olivet   United States  
Oman   Muscat   Sweden  
Omkrown     India  
Omkrown Pharmachem Pvt Ltd   Belgaum   India  
Onalaska Independent School District     United States  
Onsala Montessori     United States  
Operation Oman     United States  
Optimer Pharmaceuticals, Inc     United States  
Optomec, Inc.   St. Paul   United States  
Oral Roberts University   Tulsa   United States  
Orange County Schools NC     United States  
Orbeco Hellige     United States  
Orchid Pharma   Chennai   India  
Oregon Health & Science University   Portland   United States  
Oregon State University     United States  
Organic Chemistry Institute, University Of Zurich   Zurich   Switzerland  
Oscar Eduardo     United States  
Oscaredu     United States  
Overnment Research   Des Moines   United States  
Oxford University     United Kingdom  
Oxygen Healthcare   Ahmedabad   India  
P. K. Yonge   Gainesville   United States  
Pacific Aerospace And Electronics   Wenatchee   United States  
Pacific Coast Analytical Services   Sylmar   United States  
Pacifica Christian High School   Santa Monica   United States  
PACTIV     United States  
Padjadjaran University   Bandung   Indonesia  
Paints     India  
Pak Lab. D.G.Khan     Pakistan  
Pakistan   Shekhupura   Pakistan  
Palm Beach Atlantic University   West Palm Beach   United States  
Palomar College   San Marcos   United States  
Panama   La Primavera   Israel  
Parametrix     United States  
Particular     Spain  
Pasadena Independent School District   Pasadena   United States  
PE.RA Lda   Linda A Velha   Portugal  
Pennsylvania State University   University Park   United States  
Penobscot McCrum   Belfast   United States  
Peptide Consulting   Staten Island   United States  
Permata Hati     Indonesia  
Persistent Systems Ltd.   Pune   India  
Personal     Argentina  
Personal     Indonesia  
Personal     Switzerland  
Personal     United Kingdom  
Personal     United States  
Personal     Venezuela  
Personal   Pune   India  
Personal   Singapore   Singapore  
Personal   South Jordan   United States  
Personal Inventory     Malaysia  
Personal Use     Bangladesh  
Personal Use     United States  
Personnel   Lahore   Pakistan  
Petec     United Kingdom  
PetroSA   Mossel Bay   South Africa  
PexCor Manufacturing Co. Inc.   Calgary   Canada  
PHACS     United States  
Pharmaceutical     United States  
Pharmacy     United States  
Phigenics     United States  
Philadelphioa Museum Of Art   Philadelphia   United States  
Philippines   Puerto Galera   Philippines  
PHM Corporation     United States  
Phusa Biochem Co.LTD   Binh Minh   Others  
Phytopharm Plc   Godmanchester   United Kingdom  
Pippo     United States  
Pirama Critical Care   Bethlehem   United States  
Piramal   Bethlehem   United States  
Piramal Critical Care, Inc.     United States  
Plant Sensory Systems   Baltimore   United States  
Platteville School District   Platteville   United States  
Pleasant Plains High School   Pleasant Plains   United States  
PM University     India  
Poland   Gliwice   Israel  
Poland   Harbin   Israel  
Poland   Yerevan   Brazil  
Politeknik Banyuwangi     Indonesia  
Polo Composite Knit Industry Ltd.   Savar   Bangladesh  
Polska   Mosta   Indonesia  
Polyfoam Corporation     United States  
Polyform Products Company   Elk Grove Village   United States  
Polymer Chemistry Innovations Inc.   Tucson   United States  
Polymerteknologi     Sweden  
Polytechnic College     United States  
Polytechnic University     United States  
Polytechnic University   Brooklyn   United States  
Pondicherry University     United States  
Pondicherry University   Pondicherry   India  
Pontifical Catholic University   Ponce   United States  
Poole Grammar School     United States  
Port Washington High School   Port Washington   United States  
Portugal   Elvas   Denmark  
Portugal   Elvas   India  
Ppkkp     United States  
PRAEVIDEO LLC   Budapest   Hungary  
Premier Chemical   Scott   United States  
Prep     United States  
Presbyterain Homes & Services   Roseville   United States  
Princechemical Corporation     United States     United States  
Private     Lao  
Private   Homburg   Germany  
Private   Wellandport   Canada  
Privet     Canada  
Priyadarshini College Of Pharmaceutical Sciences     India  
Probiomed     Mexico  
Probiomed     United States  
Prof.   Sofia   Bulgaria  
Professor   Cheongju   Korea  
Project Engineer   Cleveland   United States  
Proviron   Hemiksem   Belgium  
PSI, Inc.   Cleveland   United States  
PT Ditek Jaya   Jakarta   Indonesia  
Pt Gak Mau Rugi     Uzbekistan  
PT HanjarCForp     Indonesia  
PT Indo Acidatama   Karanganyar   Indonesia  
PT Lorax Indonesia     Indonesia  
PT ROHA   CIKARANG   Indonesia  
PT SMART   Jakarta   Indonesia  
PT. Envilab Indonesia     Indonesia  
PT. Nugen Bioscience Indonesia     Indonesia  
PT. Wilmar Benih Indonesia     Indonesia  
PT.Duta Angkasa Prima Kargo   Jakarta   Indonesia  
Public Health Center   Targu-Mures   Romania  
Public Health Center Targu-Mures   Targu Mures   Romania  
Puerto Rico   Rio Grande   Israel  
Puerto Rico   Rio Grande   Philippines  
Pulaski Community School District     United States  
PuntoIT   Mezzolombardo   Italy  
Purchaser     United States  
Purdue University   West Lafayette   United States  
Pusat Teknologi Limbah Radioaktif     Indonesia  
Pusdiklat Migas Cepu   Blora   Indonesia  
Qatar   Doha   Hungary  
Qatar   Doha   Malaysia  
Qatar   Doha   Middle East  
Qatar   Doha   Russia  
Qatar   Doha   Spain  
Qatar Shell GTL   Raslaffan Industrial City   Middle East  
Qatar University     United States  
Qatar University   Doha   Qatar  
QMUL   London   United Kingdom  
Quaker Chemical Corporation     United States  
Quarry Lane School     United States  
Quatest3     Vietnam  
Queen Mary University     United Kingdom  
Queen's University     United States  
Quitman High School   Quitman   United States  
Qwqw Wq Wq     Bangladesh  
Rafaware     Venezuela  
Rain Flower   Manila   Philippines  
Raindance Technologies     United States  
Raindancetech     United States  
Rajendra Agricultural University   Samastipur   India  
Rajiv Gandhi University   Itanagar   India  
Raytheon   Tucson   United States  
Reagan Wireless     United States  
Reametrix     India  
Red River HS   Grand Forks   United States  
Reddy Ice     United States  
Red_Interprises   Smyrna   United States  
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals     United States  
REMEDICA     Cyprus  
Reoc     United States  
Research Centre For Chemistry - Indonesian Institute Of Sciences   Bandung   Indonesia  
Research Group In Biochemical And Microbiology     America  
Research Laboratories   Chennai   India  
Revivicor, Inc.   Blacksburg   United States  
RH Safety And Training   Rockingham   Australia  
Rice University   Houston   United States  
Rigacom   Bolivia   United States  
Riverside Farming Pty Ltd   Lowood   Australia  
Rize University     United States  
Rizhao Highrun Biotechnology Co., Ltd   Rizhao   China  
RN HERBALS PVT. LTD.   New Delhi   India  
Roberts Wesleyan College     United States  
Roche Carolina, Inc.   Florence   United States  
Rochester Institute Of Technology   Rochester   United States  
Rogers And Callcott     United States  
Roha   Jakarta   Indonesia  
RPG Contractors   Trujillo Alto   United States  
RSS, RSS Feed   NewYork   United States  
Rumpun Ilmu Kesehatan     Indonesia  
Ruparel     India  
Russia   Damascus   China  
Russia   Khujand   Russia  
Russia   Merida   Russia  
Russia   Montevideo   Russia  
Russia   Moscow   Russia  
Russia   Moskow   Russia  
Russia   Munich   Russia  
Russia   Orel   Russia  
Russia   Penza   Russia  
Russia   Piter   Italy  
Russia   Piter   Russia  
Russia   Raduznyj   Russia  
Russia   Russia   Russia  
Russia   Salihard   Russia  
Rutgers University   Piscataway   United States  
Ruxandra Gherghel     Romania  
Rwery   Walnut Creek   United States  
Rxn Chemicals Pvt Ltd   Navi Mumbai   India  
Saadhvi   Chennai   United States  
Saas     United States  
SABIC IP   Olgiate Olona   Italy  
Safety Administrator   Boise   United States  
Safety Coordinator   Mentor   United States  
Safety Excellence     United States  
Safi Technologies     Tanzania  
Sai Advantium Pharma     India  
SAI Pharama     India  
Saint Mary's Preparatory   Orchard Lake   United States  
Saint Michael's College     United States  
Saint Peter's College   Jersey City   United States  
Salk Institute     United States  
Sam Houston State University     United States  
Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute     Canada  
San Diego Zoo Institute For Conservation Research     United States  
San Jose State University     United States  
San Pasqual High School   Escondido   United States  
Sanane     United States  
Sandia     United States  
Sandia Labs     United States  
Sandy   Chennai   India  
Sandy Labs   Chennai   India  
Sandy Spring Friends School   Sandy Spring   United States  
Santan Sales     United States  
Sapientia University     Others  
Sapientia Universtity   Miercurea Ciuc   United States  
Sarahwayne     United States  
Sarasota High School   Sarasota   United States  
Sarvajanik Collage Of Engineering & Technology   Surat   India  
Saskatchewan Cancer Agency   Saskatoon   Canada  
SaskPower   Regina   Canada  
Satakunta University Of Applied Sciences   28880   United States  
Sathyabama Unoiversity   Gurgaon   India  
Saudi Arabia   Jubail   Australia  
Saudi Arabia   Jubail   Indonesia  
Saudi Arabia   Jubail   Italy  
Saudi Arabia   Jubail   Korea  
Saudi Arabia   Jubail   Sweden  
Saugus High School   Saugus   United States  
Saurashtra Uni     United States  
Schlumberger     France  
Schlumberger     Yemen  
Schlumberger   Aberdeen   United Kingdom  
School     India  
School     United States  
School   A   Philippines  
School Board Member   Rayland   United States  
Science And Technology Facilities Council   Warrington   United Kingdom  
Sciencehideout     United States  
Scienceuticals   Summerville   United States  
Scientific Control Labs     United States  
SciHideout     United States  
Sdsad     Chile  
SECOR   Dulles   United States  
Security/Federal     United States  
Segetis     United States  
Seiz Printing, Inc.   Acworth   United States  
Selco     United States  
Self     United Arab Emirates  
Self     United States  
Self   Auckland   Asia  
Self   El Dorado   United States  
SELF   SELF   India  
Selt Ltd     Bulgaria  
Semiconductor     United States  
Seminole State College     United States  
Septodont. Confi-Dental Division   Louisville   United States  
Servers24     United States  
Serves     United States  
SGS Brookings   Brookings   United States  
SGS United Kingdom     United Kingdom  
Shamrock     United States  
Shan Bio Tech     United States  
Sharjah University     United Arab Emirates  
Shawnee State University   Portsmouth   United States  
Shemical International Sdn Bhd     Malaysia  
Shenyang University Of Technology   Shenyang   China  
Shepherd University   Shepherdstown   United States  
Sheraton     United States  
Sheridan College   Oakville   Canada  
Shijiazhuang Aimeite Chemicals Co.,Ltd.   Shijiazhuang   China  
Shine & Pretty     United States  
Shinhao Materials LLC     China  
Shopan Madecin   Dhaka   Bangladesh  
Shoreline Community College     United States  
Shorter College   Rome   United States  
Shorter University   Rome   United States  
Siemens Energy   Casselberry   United States  
SiemensMIBR     United States  
Siena College   Loudonville   United States  
Sierra Leone   Freetown   Israel  
Sigma Aldrich   St Louis   United States  
Sigma Aldrich Fine Chemicals (SAFC)   Gillingham   United Kingdom  
SIGMA S.A.   Antananarivo   Madagascar  
Sigma-aldrich   Arklow   United Kingdom  
Sigma-Aldrich   St. Louis   United States  
Siltech Corporation     United States  
Siltech Corporation   Toronto   United States  
Simon Fraser University     United States  
Sincrotrone SCpa     United States  
Singapore   Sembawang   Singapore  
Sinoway Industrial     United States  
Sinoway Industrial   Xiamen   China  
Siomayan Ni Ejy   Cebu City   Philippines  
Sito7     Belgium  
Sjps   Nathdware   United States  
Skyworks Solutions   Newbury Park   United States  
Slovakia   Nove Mesto Nad Vahom   Germany  
Slovakia   Nove Mesto Nad Vahom   Malaysia  
Smithers Rapra N.A.   Akron   United States  
Smk Farmasi   Bogor   Indonesia  
Snf Holding Co     United States  
SofcPower Spa     Italy  
Sofcpower Spa   Mezzolombardo   United States  
Sofft   Kampala   Uganda  
Softsync     Japan  
Softteca     United States  
Softtech   Kampala   Uganda  
SolidEnergy Systems     United States  
Sonar Chem   Ashkelon   Israel  
Sonoma State University   Rohnert Park   United States  
Sonoran Schools     United States  
Sorbead India - Activated Alumina Balls Supplier   Vadodara   India  
Sorin Group Canada     Canada  
South Dakota School Of Mines & Technology   Rapid City   United States  
South Dakota State University   Brookings   United States  
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville     United States  
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville   Edwardsville   United States  
Southern Wesleyan University   Central   United States  
Southwestern Oregon Community College   Coos Bay   United States  
Sdertrns Hgskola   Stockholm   Sweden  
Spain   Toledo   Spain  
Spectrawatt Inc.     United States  
Spectrum Health   Grand Rapids   United States  
Spectrum Health Hospitals   Grand Rapids   United States  
Spices Board Of India   Mumbai   India  
Splona Bolninica Jesenice     Slovenia  
Spml   Manila   Philippines  
SRC Inc.   North Syracse   United States  
SRC Incorporated   North Syracuse   United States  
Sri Nidhi Labs Pvt Ltd   Hyderabad   India  
Ssallaha Technolgy Colage     Oman  
Ssssssssss     United States  
St John's University Of Tanzania   Dodoma   Others  
St Michael's College     United States  
St. Augustines High School   London   United Kingdom  
St. Clair County High School     United States  
St. Francis College   Brooklyn   United States  
St. Georges School     Columbia  
St. Louis University   Baguio City   Philippines  
St.. Mary's Medical Center   Huntington   United States  
St.Andrews   Bangkok   Thailand  
Standard   Lghh   Luxembourg  
Standards Association Of Zimbabwe     Others  
Stanek Tool Corporation   New Berlin   United States  
Star Adhesives And Resin Factory, Jeddah     Saudi Arabia  
Stargate School   Thornton   United States  
STARLAB   Tucson   United States  
State     United States  
State University Of New York At Buffalo     United States  
Stellenbosch University     South Africa  
Stem Cel Lab     United States  
Steroids Ltd     United States  
Steve Van Nocker Lab     United States  
Stevens Institute Of Technology     United States  
STGas     United Kingdom  
Strait Regional School Board   Monastery   Canada  
Stratas Foods Inc   Bartlett   United States  
Sttb   Bandung   Indonesia  
Student     Brazil  
Student     India  
Student     Philippines  
Student     Turkey  
STUDENT     United States  
Student   Bangalore   India  
Student   BangaloreG   India  
Student   Dasd   Philippines  
Student   Pune   India  
Studio664   Monroe   United States  
Study Purpose   Jaranwala   Pakistan  
Suez Tractebel     Oman  
Suez-Tractebel Operation And Maintenance   Barka   Oman  
Sugar Regulatory Administration     Philippines  
Sul Ross State   Alpine   United States  
Sultan Abdul Hamid College   Sungai Bakap   Malaysia  
Sunbright Factory For Wipes     United States  
SUNNY SCIEN STORE   ABT   Pakistan   Mooloolaba   Australia  
Supply Chain Integrators   Chester Springs   United States  
SUSS MicroTec   Sunnyvale   United States  
Sust     United States  
Sustainability Support Services Europe AB     Sweden  
Suzhou Kaiyuan Minsheng Chemicals Technology Co., Ltd.   Suzhou   China  
Sdstr. 29   Elsdorf   Germany  
Swatch Group     Switzerland  
SWCC     Saudi Arabia  
Sweden   Boden   Sweden  
Switzerland   Biel   Switzerland  
Sword Diagnostics   Carmel   United States  
Sydney University     Australia  
Syntagon     Sweden  
Syntrix Biosystems, Inc.   Auburn   United States  
Sypharma Pty Ltd     Australia  
Syria   Al Ladhiqiyah   Sweden  
Systex Products Corporation   Battle Creek   United States  
Taiwan   Kaohsiung County   Taiwan Region  
Taiwan   Kaohsiung Municipality   Taiwan Region  
Taiwan Fructose Malaysia     Malaysia  
Tallahassee Community College   Tallahassee   United States  
Tallinn University Of Technology     Estonia  
TAMUT     United States  
TATiUC     United States  
Tatyasaheb Kore Institute Of Engineering And Technology,Warananagar   Kolhapur   India  
TBN Comp.     Argentina  
TCCC     United States  
Teaneck High School   Teaneck   United States  
Tebu Group   Jakarta   Indonesia  
Tech Solution     United States  
Techni-Kote, Inc   Houston   United States  
Technion-Israel Institute Of Technology   Haifa   Israel  
Technische Universitt Mnchen     Germany  
Teknochem     Indonesia  
Teknokem     United States  
Telefonica     Spain  
Telefnica De Argentina S.A.     Argentina  
Temple University     United States  
Tennessee Tech University   Cookeville   United States  
Tennessee Valley Authority/Watts Bar Nuclear Plant     United States  
Test     India  
Test     United States  
Test   NVS   India  
Tester Inc   Kuala   France  
TESTING   Fort Worth   United States  
Texas A&M Health Science Center   College Station   United States  
Texas A&M University     United States  
Texas A&M University   College Station   United States  
Texas A&M University   Galveston   United States  
Texas A&M University At Galveston   Galveston   United States  
Texas Tech Univ.   Lubbock   United States  
Textiles Committee   Tirupur   India  
Thai Acrylic Fibre Co Ltd     Thailand  
Thailand   Udon Thani   Thailand  
Thammasat   Phatumthanee   Thailand  
Thammasat University   Pathumthani   Thailand  
Thammasat University Thailand   Klong Luang   Thailand  
Thammasat University, Thailand     Thailand  
The Beatson Institute For Cancer Research   Glasgow   United Kingdom  
The Boeing Company     United States  
The Chinese University Of Hong Kong   Hong Kong   Asia  
The Chinese University Of Hong Kong   Hong Kong   China  
The Chinese University Of Hong Kong   Shatin   China  
The College Of Idaho     United States  
The Dow Chemical Company   Midland   United States  
The Elimelech Lab, Yale University   New Haven   United States  
The Energy And Resources Institute   Lodhi Road   India  
THE EXTERMINATORS (PVT) LTD   Colombo   Sri Lanka  
The Fountain People     United States  
The Grange School     United Kingdom  
The Hamner   Research Triangle Park   United States  
The Haverford School   Haverford   United States  
The Hiong Kong PolyU     Hong Kong SAR, PRC  
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University     Hong Kong SAR, PRC  
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University   Hong Kong   China  
The John Cooper School     United States  
The King's University College   Edmonton   Canada  
The Lovett School     United States  
The Meadows Group LLC   Houston   United States  
The ROV Store   Seattle   United States  
The Standards Institution Of Israel     Israel  
The Stinson Environmental Group     United States  
The University Of Arizona     United States  
The University Of Oklahoma   Norman   United States  
The University Of Sydney     Australia  
The University Of Texas At Austin     United States  
The University Of Texas Southwestern Medical Center At Dallas     United States  
The Unviersity Of Akron   Akron   United States  
Thermo Fisher Scientific     United States  
Thomas Jefferson University   Philadelphia   United States  
Tidewater Community College     United States  
TJ|H2b Analytical Services Sdn Bhd     Malaysia  
TKIET Warananagar     India  
TMEC   Chachoengsao   Thailand  
Togo   Lome   India  
Togo   Lome   Indonesia  
Top Master, Inc.   Kansas City   United States  
TOTAL Lubricants, Inc.   Linden   United States  
Tougaloo College   Tougaloo   United States  
Toyo Aluminum KK     Japan  
TPIMS     United States  
TR Corporation   Sydney   Australia  
Trabajo     United States  
Tradelabs Inc     United States  
Trading Investment Consultancy Joint Stock Company     Vietnam  
Trajceks     Sweden  
Tree     United States  
Tri Supply Company   Beaumont   United States  
Trinidad And Tobago Burea Of Standards   Port Of Spain   Tonga  
Trinity College Dublin     Others  
Trinity College Dublin   Dublin 2   Ireland  
Trinity College The University Of Melbourne     Australia  
Triton Business Design     United States  
Trwy     United States  
TU-Mnchen   Mnchen   Germany  
Turkey   Istanbul   Korea  
Tuscaloosa County High School     United States  
Tusculum College   Greeneville   United States  
Tutor     United Kingdom  
Tuvalu   Castlegar   America  
TW Marketing   North Hollywood   United States  
Twryetu     United States  
U DE G   GUANAJUATO   Mexico  
U Of A     United States  
U Of M     United States  
U Of R     United States  
U Texas Austin     United States  
U.C.L.   Woluwe-Saint-Lambert   Belgium  
U.S. Department Of Agriculture     United States  
UAkron     United States  
UALBERTA   Edmonton   Canada  
Ubis(asia)Plc     Thailand  
UC Davis     United States  
UC DAVIS   Davis   United States  
UC Davis   Sacramento   United States  
UC San Diego     United States  
UCLA     United States  
UCSB     United States  
UCSF   San Francisco   United States  
Ucst     United States  
UF Department Of Chemistry     United States  
UFVJM     United States  
Uganda   Kampala   Korea  
Ukraine   Kiev   France  
Ukraine   Manaus   United States  
Ukraine   Mariupol   Indonesia  
Ukraine   Odessa   Malaysia  
UL-RS     Hong Kong SAR, PRC  
Ulagos     Chile  
Ulsan National Institute Of Science And Technology     Korea  
Ulsan National Institute Of Science And Technology   Ulsan   Korea  
Umass     United States  
UMassD     United States  
Umbitae   Bogota   Columbia  
UMR6219     France  
UNC-Greensboro     United States  
Underwriters Laboratories     Hong Kong SAR, PRC  
UNESA     Brazil  
Uni INdo     Indonesia  
Uni Tek Malaysia   Johor   Malaysia  
Unibi     United States  
Unicor   Monteria   Others  
Unidym     United States  
Unidym, Inc.   Menlo Park   United States  
Unifr     Switzerland  
Unisalento     Italy  
UNIST   ULSAN   Korea  
United Kingdom   Stirling   United Kingdom  
United States   Adak   United States  
United States   Chicago   United States  
United States   El Paso   United States  
United States   Los Angeles   United States  
United States   New York   United States  
United States   Westport   United States  
United States Department Of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service   Wyndmoor   United States  
United States Of America   Salley   Australia  
United States Pharmacopeia India Pvt Ltd   Hyderabad   India  
United-Guardian, Inc.     United States  
United-Guardian, Inc.   Hauppauge   United States  
Univ     India  
Univ     United Kingdom  
Univ Of Detroit Mercy     United States  
Univ Of Mississippi     United States  
Univeristy     United States  
Univeristy College London   London   United Kingdom  
Univeristy Of Texas At Arlington   Arlington   United States  
Universida Nacional De Cuyo     Argentina  
Universidad     Chile  
Universidad Autonoma De Guadalajara   Zapopan   Mexico  
Universidad Autonoma Del Estado De Morelos   Cuernavaca   Mexico  
Universidad Catlica San Antonio     Spain  
Universidad Complutense De Madrid   Madrid   Spain  
Universidad De Antioquia     Columbia  
Universidad De Cdiz     Spain  
Universidad De La Serena   La Serena   Chile  
Universidad De Los Andes     Bolivia  
Universidad De Los Lagos     Chile  
Universidad De Santiago De Compostela     Spain  
Universidad Industrial De Santander     America  
Universidad Industrial De Santander     Columbia  
Universidad Mayor De San Andres   La Paz   Bolivia  
Universidad Nacional Autnoma De Mxico   Cuernavaca   Mexico  
Universidad Nacional De Colombia   Bogota   Columbia  
Universidad Nacional De Jujuy   San Salvador De Jujuy   Others  
Universidad Nacional De Rio Cuarto   Rio Cuarto   America  
Universidad Nacional De Rio Cuarto/Facultad De Ingenieria   Rio Cuarto   America  
Universidade Estadual Paulista     Brazil  
Universidade Federal Do Cear   Fortaleza   Brazil  
Universidade Federal Rural De Pernambuco   Recife   Brazil  
Universitas   MALANG   Indonesia  
Universitas Malahayati   Bandar Lampung   Indonesia  
Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha   Singaraja   Indonesia  
Universit Di Modena E Reggio Emilia   Modena   Italy  
Università Piemonte Orientale   Alessandria   Italy  
Universite De Poitiers   Poitiers   France  
Universite Du Quebec A Chicoutimi   Chicoutimi   Canada  
Universit Paris Diderot     France  
Universiti Malaysia Terengganu   Kuala Terengganu   Malaysia  
Universiti Putra Malaysia     Malaysia  
Universiti Putra Malaysia   Serdang   Malaysia  
Universiti Sains Malaysia     Malaysia  
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia   SKUDAI   Malaysia  
University     Argentina  
University     Thailand  
University   Birzeit   Israel  
University   Erlangen   Germany  
University   Kathmandu   Nepal  
University   Rome   Italy  
University Of Adelaide   Adelaide   Australia  
University Of Akron     United States  
University Of Akron   AKRON   United States  
University Of Alberta     Canada  
University Of Alberta   Edmonton   Canada  
University Of Arkansas     United States  
University Of Aveiro   Aveiro   Others  
University Of Bahrain     United States  
University Of Barcelona   Barcelona   Spain  
University Of Basel, Dep. Of Chemistry   Basel   Switzerland  
University Of Bern     United States  
University Of Bradford     United Kingdom  
University Of British Columbia     Canada  
University Of British Columbia     United States  
University Of British Columbia   Vancouver   Canada  
University Of British Columbia - Health, Safety And Environment   Kelowna   Canada  
University Of Bucharest     Europe  
University Of Bucharest   Bucharest   Europe  
University Of Calcutta   Kolkata   India  
University Of California Riverside     United States  
University Of California Santa Barbara     United States  
University Of California Santa Cruz   Santa Cruz   United States  
University Of California, Los Angeles     United States  
University Of California, Merced     United States  
University Of California, Riverside   Riverside   United States  
University Of California, San Diego     United States  
University Of California, San Francisco     United States  
University Of California-Davis   Davis   United States  
University Of Cambridge     United Kingdom  
University Of Cardiff   Cardiff   United Kingdom  
University Of Florida     United States  
University Of Free State     United States  
University Of Ghana     Ghana  
University Of Granada     United States  
University Of Hyderabad   Hyderabad   India  
University Of Idaho     United States  
University Of Idaho   Idaho Falls   United States  
University Of Idaho -- Kimberly Research And Extension Center   Kimberly   United States  
University Of Idaho Kimberly Research And Extension Center   Kimberly   United States  
University Of Illinois At Chicago   Chicago   United States  
University Of Kansas     United States  
University Of Kent     United States  
University Of Kentucky     United States  
University Of Kentucky Dept Of Chemistry   Lexington   United States  
University Of L'Aquila     Italy  
University Of Leeds     United States  
University Of Leeds   Leeds   United Kingdom  
University Of Limerick   Limerick   Ireland  
University Of Lodz     Poland  
University Of Louisville     United States  
University Of Louisville   Louisville   United States  
University Of Louvain-la-Neuve   B Ruxelles   Belgium  
University Of Madras     India  
University Of Madras   Chennai   India  
University Of Malaya     United States  
University Of Malaya   Kuala Lumpur   Malaysia  
University Of Malta   Msida   Europe  
University Of Malta   Msida   Malta  
University Of Malta - Chemistry Department   Tal-Qroqq - Msida   Malta  
University Of Manchester     United Kingdom  
University Of Manitoba     Canada  
University Of Maryland - Center For Advanced Research In Biotechnology     United States  
University Of Massachusetts     United States  
University Of Massachusetts, Dartmouth   North Dartmouth   United States  
University Of Massachusetts-Amherst     United States  
University Of Messina     Italy  
University Of Miami/Rosensteil School Of Marine And Atmospheric Scienc     United States  
University Of Michigan     United States  
University Of Minnesota     United States  
University Of Minnesota   Saint Paul   United States  
University Of MO-St. Louis   St. Louis   United States  
University Of Montana - Helena College Of Technology   Helena   United States  
University Of Nebraska   Lincoln   United States  
University Of Nebraska At Omaha   Omaha   United States  
University Of Nebraska Lincoln   Lincoln   United States  
University Of Nebraska Omaha   Omaha   United States  
University Of Newcastle     Australia  
University Of North Alabama     United States  
University Of North Carolina   Chapel Hill   United States  
University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill     United States  
University Of Northern   Sintok   Malaysia  
University Of Notre Dame     United States  
University Of Oxford     United Kingdom  
University Of Pennsylvania     United States  
University Of Pennsylvania Department Of Chemistry   Philadelphia   United States  
University Of Peradeniya     Asia  
University Of Pittsburgh     United States  
University Of Pittsburgh   Pittsburgh   United States  
University Of Pretoria     South Africa  
University Of Queensland     Australia  
University Of Queensland   Brisbane   Australia  
University Of Reading     United States  
University Of Regensburg     Germany  
University Of Rochester     United States  
University Of Rochester   Rochester   United States  
University Of Santiago De Compostela (Spain)   Santiago De Compostela   Spain  
University Of Santo Tomas     United States  
University Of Sarragozzzzzza     United States  
University Of Saskatchewan     Canada  
University Of Saskatchewan   Saskatoon   Canada  
University Of South Carolina     United States  
University Of Southern California     United States  
University Of Southern California   Los Angeles   United States  
University Of Southern Mississippi     United States  
University Of Southern Queensland   TOOWOOMBA   Australia  
University Of St Andrews     United Kingdom  
University Of St Andrews   St Andrews   United Kingdom  
University Of Strathclyde     United Kingdom  
University Of Suriname   Paramaribo   Suriname  
University Of Sussex     United Kingdom  
University Of Sydney     Australia  
University Of Tartu     Estonia  
University Of Tennessee     United States  
University Of Tennessee   Knoxville   United States  
University Of Tennessee Health Science Center, Pharmaceutical Science   Memphis   United States  
University Of Tennessee, PharmSci     United States  
University Of Texas     United States  
University Of Texas At Arlington   Arlington   United States  
University Of Texas At Austin   Austin   United States  
University Of Texas At San Antonio   San Antonio   United States  
University Of Texas Health Science Center At San Antonio   San Antonio   United States  
University Of Texas Southwestern Medical Center   Dallas   United States  
University Of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Dallas   Dallas   United States  
University Of The Pacific     United States  
University Of The Pacific, School Of Dentistry Craniofacial Genetics   San Francisco   United States  
University Of The Philippines     Philippines  
University Of The West Indies   Kingston   Others  
University Of Tlemcen     United States  
University Of Torino   Torino   Italy  
University Of Toronto     Canada  
University Of Toronto   Mississauga   Canada  
University Of Toronto   Toronto   Canada  
University Of Virginia     United States  
University Of Wa - Chemistry   Crawley   Australia  
University Of Warwick   Coventry   United Kingdom  
University Of Waterloo   Waterloo   Canada  
University Of West Indies   Kingston   Jamaica  
University Of Western Australia   Perth   Australia  
University Of Wisconsin   Madison   United States  
University Of Wisconsin - Madison   Madison   United States  
University Of Wisconsin Madison   Madison   United States  
University Of Wisconsin-Madison     United States  
University Of Wisonin-Madison   Madison   United States  
University Of Wollongong     Australia  
University Of Wollongong   Wollongong   Australia  
University Of York     United Kingdom  
University Of York     United States  
University Of York   YORK   United Kingdom  
University Student   Ahmedabad   India  
University Stuttgart     Germany  
Univesitas Islam Indonesia   Sleman   Indonesia  
Unknown     United States  
UNPAD   Bandung   Indonesia  
UofA     United States  
UofU     United States  
UPPC     United States  
UPR RP   San Juan   United States  
Urogenix   Durham   United States  
USDA - ARS - NWISRL     United States  
USDA, ARS   Athens   United States  
USDA-ARS-MSA     United States  
USFFA     United States  
USFFA   Orange Park   United States  
USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center   Laurel   United States  
USP India     India  
UT Southwestern   Dallas   United States  
UT Southwestern Medical Center   Dallas   United States  
UTC Aerospace Systems   Rockford   United States  
UTHSCSA   San ANtonio   United States  
Utility     United States  
UTMB   Galveston   United States  
UW-Milwaukee     United States  
Vaccinex, Inc   Rochester   United States  
Vale   Mississauga   Canada  
Van Nocker Lab     United States  
Vanderbilt University     United States  
Vanderbilt University   Nashville   United States  
Vanderbilt University Institute Of Imaging Science     United States  
Vanderbilt University Institute Of Imaging Science   Nashville   United States  
Vanderbilt University; Institute Of Imaging Science     United States  
Vanguard University   Costa Mesa   United States  
Vanguard University Of Southern California   Costa Mesa   United States  
VANNOCKER LAB     United States  
Vantia Ltd   Southampton   United Kingdom  
Vcool   Thanjavur   India  
Veerayatan     India  
Venezuela   Santa Rosa   Singapore  
Ventura County Health Care Agency/Public Health Laboratory   Oxnard   United States  
Ventura County Public Health   Oxnard   United States  
Vertex Environmental   Cambridge   Canada  
Vesuvius Research     United States  
Vidima     Europe  
Vidya Vikas   Pune   United States  
Vikas Dental Clinic     United States  
Village Of Lisle   Lisle   United States  
Village Of Newark   Newark   United States  
Villanova University   Villanova   United States  
Virgin Islands   Charlotte Amalie   France  
Virginia Intermont College   Bristol   United States  
Virginia Polytechnique And State University   Blacksburg   United States  
Virginia Tech     United States  
Virginia Tech   Blacksburg   United States  
VIT University     India  
Vita Health Products   Winnipeg   Canada  
VitaHealth     Canada  
Vitalea Science     United States  
Vitreous State Laboratory   Washington   United States  
Vittal Mallya Scientific Research Foundation   Bangalore   India  
Vivimed Labs Ltd     India  
Volochem, Inc.     United States  
Voss Lab     United States  
Vrd_ne     Thailand  
VT SOLUTION     United States  
Wafa   Cairo   Middle East  
Wahington University In St. Louis     United States  
Waikato Institute Of Technology   Hamilton   Others  
Wake Technical Community College   Raleigh   United States  
Walgreens     United States  
Wanbury   Thane   India  
Warner Babcock Institute For Green Chemistry   Wilmington   United States  
Warren   Akron   United States  
Washington County/Creswell High   Creswell   United States  
Washington State University     United States  
Washington State University   Pullman   United States  
Waste Generator   Bekasi   Indonesia  
Water Supply Department     Nepal  
Waters Corp   Milford   United States  
Wattsburg Area School District   Erie   United States  
Wayamba   Negombo   Sri Lanka  
Wayamba University   Gonawila   Sri Lanka  
Wayne State University   Detroit   United States  
Wecdsb     Canada  
WEIDMANN Electrical Technology   St Johnsbury   United States  
Weill Cornell Medical College     United States  
Weill Cornell Medical College   New York   United States  
Wellesley College   Wellesley   United States  
Wentworth Institute Of Technology   Boston   United States  
Wesleyan College     United States  
Wesleyan College   Macon   United States  
West Africa Centre For Crop Improvement, University Of Ghana   Accra   Ghana  
West Allis West Milwaukee School District     United States  
West Texas A&M University   Canyon   United States  
West Virginia University   Morgantown   United States  
Westinghouse Electric Company   Ogden   United States  
Westmont College   Santa Barbara   United States  
WET Design   Sun Valley   United States  
WFB, N.A   Walnut Creek   United States (new Site)     United Kingdom  
White Collar Technologies Inc     United States  
Wichita State University     United States  
Willoughby South High School   Willoughby   United States  
Wimpey Laboratories     United Arab Emirates  
Winstech     Germany  
Winz System   Chennai   India  
Wise International     United States  
Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre   Cambridge   United Kingdom  
Wood Science And Technology Centre - University Of New Brunswick   Fredericton   Canada  
Woodward Academy   College Park   United States  
Worlwide   Worlwide   Israel  
Worthen Industries   Nashua   United States  
WPI Group   Newport News   United States  
Wright State University   Dayton   United States  
WSL-Institut Fr Schnee- Und Lawinenforschung SLF     Switzerland     United States  
Xention Ltd   Cambridge   United Kingdom  
XiMo     United States  
Xinergy     United States  
Xray Equipment     South Africa  
Y-Carbon, Inc     United States  
Yale     United States  
Yale   New Haven   United States  
Yale University     United States  
Yale University   New Haven   United States  
Yale-NUS College     Singapore  
Yemen   Sanaa   France  
Yom Cosmetics & Manufacturing   Summerville   United States  
Yupiz     Indonesia  
Zambia   Lusaka   United Kingdom  
ZC&Ph     Others  
ZCOM Enterprises     United States  
Zdgzd     United States  
Zenith     United States  
Zettacore   Denver   United States  
Zevacor Molecular   Noblesville   United States  
Zhenjiang Haitong Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.     China  
Zigade     Indonesia  
Zikang Pharm     United States  
Zimbabwe   Kwekwe   Italy  
Zliten Cement Plant   Zliten /libya   Libya  
Zora     Europe  
{|}   Juuka   Canada