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CHEMICAL INVENTORY - Web based software (chemoventory v3.1)

Chemical Inventory

What is chemoventory :

Chemoventory is web-based software for managing chemicals, chemical users, MSDS and optimize purchase of chemicals. Download/Purchase chemoventory Software to install in your location. Chemoventory is 100% US based company and served from USA and has been in service for users from year 2003. Chemoventory spends/spent $0 in advertisement from the inception. It has been recommended by its users for its simplicity, versatile and cost effective.

Chemoventory software comes in three versions: Lite version, one time paid Standard version and one time paid developer version. Standard and Developer versions are identical, except standard version cannot be read by humans and so you can't be modify for custom development.
If all of your chemicals are within one location or less than 10 users, then Lite version is recommended otherwise choose standard or developer version. Software as Service is also available.

We tested php7 and optmized for php7.2 or later .

We are in the process of making Android App for chemoventory. Please share your ideas or suggestions

To install chemoventory:

You need:
  1. Windows/UNIX server or desktop connected to network
  2. Web server (Apache/IIS) Apache is recommended
  3. PHP Any stable PHP 4 ,5, 6 or 7.2.
  4. MySQL 4 or up (Community version is free )

We recommend to use XAMPP bundle for novice

You should place Chemoventory folder under apache/htdocs/ directory.

Installation of all the software takes about an hour or less for an IT person. The following operating system does support php and mysql: MS Windows, Linux, UNIX and Mac OSX. You can install chemoventory in any other operating systems as long PHP and mySQL is supported.
* Always select latest stable version

We also recommend to use MySQL GUI interface for convenience Heidi MySQL or PHPMySqlAdmin or MySQL work Bench

Why chemoventory?

The following features makes chemoventory unique:
  1. Chemoventory is web based software can installed as intranet/internet.
  2. Unlimited number of users
  3. Users system does not need any software to be installed.
  4. Highly scalable to over thousands of concurrent users.
  5. Can be installed any operating system - Unix/Linux/Mac/MS windows etc
  6. Open source PHP and mySQL. Free or inexpensive.
  7. Chemical search by name, manufacturer, owner, location, room, building, division and date
  8. Search chemicals by CAS, chemical name, entry date etc
  9. All Available chemicals in all locations or based on users etc.
  10. Automatic password management for users - Less management
  11. Management of users
  12. Management of units, containers, category - Custom configurations
  13. MSDS management
  14. Bulk chemical upload - Save time.
  15. Unlimited level of user level controls and their functionality - Hierarchy of functionality
  16. Transfer of all chemicals from one user to another user - When users leaves or replaced
  17. Reports chemicals, users, locations etc
  18. Export of data
  19. Barcode ready, can print barcode in any laser printers. (C39 type)
  20. Compliance with FDA, 21 CFR part 11
  21. Audit view of list of consumption
  22. Alert, if chemicals need to be ordered
  23. Alert list of chemicals expiring
  24. Custom view of chemical listing for each user

New Feature "instrument/conference room reservation" module is coming shortly

Differences between versions:

How much it will cost?

1. Lite version $100 value is free.
2. Standard version costs $500 for smaller institution.
3. Developer version (standard version with source code) is $2000 for smaller institution

Money Back guarantee
For standard version 30 days money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied write a snail mail stating that the chemoventory will not be used in the future at your premise. Your money will be returned and no question will be asked.

If you find better value from our competitors, please let us know improve and we will give away $100 woorth of software.

Installation Support
Please check your spam folders or contact your system administrator for not blocking chemoventory emails. Without emails working, we can not provide full support. We can not refund for lack of support. In the worst case please leave message at 925-6O3-3I93. Question on installation support over phone should purchase phone support. Please do not hesitate to contact us ( ), for Lite/standard/Developer version installation problem. All users get free email support.

Our product is expected to free of defective and we want to achieve the same. Because of different environment, and lack of technical knowledge, there may be occasional difficulty may arise in installing the software.

Free chat installation support is available for all versions within first 30 days purchase or registration. Please email to know availability of mutual chat time and for co-ordination.

Most of the problem can be solved by email/chat. In case you prefer premium telephone support, it is available for $50/hour (should be used with 3 calls). Prior to purchase of phone support, please contact for availability of mutual time.

All eligible owners will get free upgrade minimum of for two years. Beyond that period, there is minimal cost is associated for every two years. All Registered users will get free updates on bugs or any future updates.

Delivery of the software

Chemoventory software (about 1MB size) in zip file format will be delivered by email or by special download location. Prior to that, please download and print installation and chemoventory documents.

Delivery by CD/media option is not available due to tax complication. Please refer to California Tax regulations regarding canned program and reason for no tax.

Partial List of Customers

This software should not be sold/resold to countries restricted by US export.

Here are some presentation/flyer you may need for your organization to convince about chemoventory:
Download Free Brochure about Chemoventory
Chmoventory Power point Presentation

This page was last modified on Wed, 20 Feb 2019 01:07:21 -0500
Everything worked perfectly! Thanks to your help. Remember to send your invoice ... It was a pleasure doing business with you!
Thanks! -Adam
I really like the software ... The documentation is excellent indeed -- it helped me get the system working when even our IT people could not. Anyway I am eager to receive the full version. Thank you again for your detailed response.
I purchased the Standard version through Paypal. I have had colleagues that have used your software before and I am really excited about using it for our school!
We're interested in getting rid of our clunky Access databse we use now for chemical inventory, and the lite version of your software seems to be an ideal approach. We've got everything set up on the back end to handle your software already, too
Over 2000 installations